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One Day When The Sun Was Shining...



Most of my knowledge of Toby is from memory and sketchy at best.However if you wish to help out,please leave some information in the Guestbook and I will add it here.As far as I know,Toby only incorporated one other publication during its run-See Saw,in July of 1977(See "See Saw" :-).I don't know if Toby itself was later incorporated by another magazine and I don't know when it finally ceased as a publication.So,a lot of information is needed here.Please help if you can.

In addition to the above,I would be interested in any information concerning the writers and artists of the stories,moreso from the people themselves,if they happen to notice this tribute site to the comic they worked on so long ago.


"It ran from 30 January 1976 to 30 September 1978 (140 issues). It incorporated See-Saw on the 23rd July 1977 (last issue of See-Saw was on the 16th July -40 issues). Toby was then incorporated into Jack and Jill (7th October 1978). There were 3 summer specials, 1976, 77 and 78. There was also a monthly story paper called Toby that ran from September 1921 to April 1931 (116 issues)."[No Relation-Ed]

Thanks to Al from Comics UK for that information.


Steve Holland contacted me reference my inclusion of Jack and Jill scans on the site and has forwarded my request to the powers that be over at LLM who now own the copyright of Jack and Jill and several other younger reader comics from the past.It seems that Toby only appeared as a secondary masthead title on the new merger for 6 weeks!!!So it was quickly obliterated from all memory!!!Steve Waplington over at 26 Pigs tells me that by 1980,not a trace of Toby or his buddies are to be found on the pages of Jack and Jill,so Toby and the gang's last appearance would have been in their own Annual 1980,which would have been published in the winter of 1979,so until anything further is said or done,my mission will be to concentrate on the Golden Years of day when the sun was shining...


I was astounded to discover not one,not two but three former Toby stories seemed to not only escape the death throes of Jack and Jill but resurect themselves 4 years later in Rupert Weekly!If anybody has anymore information concerning this please contact me!Were they reprints or New Stories?The 3 stories were Grandma Next Door,The Little Prince and One Day When The Sun Was Shining.

Rupert Weekly No.6
(24th November 1982)

Toby no.1
(30th January 1976)



30th January marks the 30th Birthday of the launch of Toby. To start reading this and others go to the Issues page and click on the thumbnails.I'm also on the lookout for any and all merger issues with See Saw.Though not a merger Issue,I have put Issue 1 online for your reading pleasure.Simply click on the thumbnail below.Also Look and Learn have a brilliant website celebrating many younger reader comics from the past.Click on the thumbnail to go there now.Any information,just drop a note into the Guestbook.Talk to you soon.

See Saw no.1
(9th October 1976)


Jack And Jill No.1
(27th February 1954)


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